Want to help Build Bridges through Arts?
Bring the “Islamic Arts 101 Program” to your local public library

Cost: $500

Each program includes:

A month-long display of Islamic arts

A one-hour reception/ mingle to introduce visitors about Islamic arts.

A hands-on workshop for calligraphy, henna, ebru, geometric art or arabesque.


Become a Sponsor today and help us: * Project a positive image of Islam and Muslims in the society * Increase an awareness and appreciation of Islamic Arts * Build bridges in the community by opening a dialogue through arts

SILVER SPONSOR: $500. Bring One program to a library of your choice

GOLD SPONSOR: $ 3000. Sponsor six programs in libraries across Houston

PLATIMUM SPONSOR: $6000. Sponsor the library program for an entire year


For $500 we will bring a one-hour program to a library of your choice. Most libraries are excited to receive the Islamic Arts Program and we will display the art pieces in the community art display cabinet for the whole month. Visitors to the library will have the opportunity to see these art pieces and admire the beauty of Islamic art.

During the month long display we will also hold a reception in which visitors will be able to mingle with the artists and staff of IAS and learn first-hand about the basics of Islamic art, the genre that gave the world such great masterpieces as the Taj Mahal, Alhambra and the Blue Mosque. Each reception is complemented by a hands-on workshop where visitors can learn one-to-one from our artists. The subject matter may include calligraphy, geometric art, arabesque, woodwork, Ebru, henna or painting. Our artists are all Houstonians who have dedicated themselves to the field of Islamic Art.

Programs like these are immensely popular among library patrons who learn about the Muslim culture and traditions embedded in arts. Arts is a universal language and helps build bridges between communities which is essentially needed at this time. See some comments from our previous host libraries:

“The Kingwood Library held a special SAGE program on Tuesday June 6th featuring a live Ebru demonstration with Artist Nihal Sonmez of the Islamic Arts Society. Event attendees heard a brief history of Islamic arts and then watched as Ms. Nihal Sonmez demonstrated how to marble an image of a rose. Later, participants had the opportunity to create and marble images themselves! It was a fun, enjoyable, and educational morning.” Pamela Reece, Adult Services Librarian, Kingwood Branch Library.

“Octavia Fields Library would like to thank Islamic Arts Society’s Zohra Siddiqui & Dr. Khawaja Azimuddin for this wonderful experience our community and library had a chance to enjoy today!!! Tremendous amount of compliments from our customers who attended the Henna presentation and Henna/Calligraphy application! The gallery of art works was so special, too! We are so appreciative for this opportunity to learn and enjoy the Henna and Calligraphy Art! Thank you so much and looking forward to continuing our partnership!!!!” Jana Hoglund, Branch Manager, Octavia Fields Library.

“We had an amazing LIFE program today by Zohra Siddiqui with assistance by artist Fatema Josh. The Islamic Arts Society truly was able to cross cultural boundaries with the wonderful interactive henna tattoo presentation by Zohra. Our presenters were so personable and caring and easy to talk to and ask questions. And they are also talented artists as evidenced by the lovely display they created in the library. Thank you for coming to the library and giving us a little taste of your culture. I think I am starting to understand why henna means happiness. You brought a little happiness into LIFE today. Hope you come again”. Claire Gunnels. Lone Star College. CyFair.