Want to help Build Bridges through Arts?

Bring the “Islamic Arts 101 Program” to your child’s school.

Cost: $300

Each 1-hour program includes:

* A brief introduction to Islamic Arts.

* A focused art class tailored to the age group.

* A workshop to teach calligraphy, henna, ebru, geometric art or arabesque.


For $300 we will bring a one-hour program to a school of your choice. Students will learn the basics of “Islamic Art” that gave the world such great masterpieces as the Taj Mahal, Alhambra and the Blue Mosque. Each class is different and caters to the children’s age group. The subject may include calligraphy, geometric art, arabesque, woodwork, Ebru, henna or painting. Our artists are all Houstonians who have dedicated themselves to the field of Islamic Art and are experienced in teaching children.

This is what some of the schools are saying:

“Our teacher was a fantastic presenter and artists. She answered all my questions during the slide show. What a wonderful opportunity!”

“I really liked it so much! Thank you.”

“I really enjoyed the program today. It was the first time and a great experience!”

“It’s nice to see efforts towards educating about other cultures. Especially, in such adverse times.”