8th Annual Islamic Arts Festival

The largest and oldest Festival of Islamic Arts is back again!

The 8th annual Islamic Arts Festival will be held on the 11th and 12th of December 2021. Due to Covid-19, we will hold a hybrid event, both online and in-person with social distancing. Our online only festival last year attracted 22,000 visitors but despite the pandemic, our work of bringing people together must continue with social distancing. Therefore, we are adding an in-person event as well this year.

The Islamic Arts Festival will feature art from renowned artists from all across the USA. Visitors will have the opportunity to buy magnificent artwork online from the comfort of their homes as well as browse through our festival hall, of course while observing Covid-19 precautions. In addition, there will be live interactive sessions on calligraphy, henna tattoo, Ebru, painting, Arabesque pattern coloring and lots of children’s art activities.
Get ready for a fun-filled two-day program!

Free Admissions! All Welcome!

December 11th and 12th, 2021

10.30 A.M. till 5.00 P.M.


About The Islamic Arts Festival

The Islamic Arts Festival is organized by the Islamic Arts Society. The Islamic Arts Society aims to share the rich heritage of Islamic Arts. The society organizes events to celebrate our culture and promote the positive image of our community among Muslims and non-Muslims. Art is a common language and binds diverse communities. By promoting Islamic arts, we hope to promote mutual understanding and to bring the broader American community together.

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Sweet memories of Previous Art festivals

Come Enjoy the rich heritage of Islamic Arts

Invite your friends, family and neighbors!

Not just an art show! There is Food too!

First feast your eyes on art and then join in a feast for your stomach! There is a variety of food available. There will be Food Trucks with ethnic cuisines from faraway lands.

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