9 Asia Society 2017


Geometric Art:

Islamic Arts Society partnered with Asia Society to present a workshop on: “Islamic Geometry with Fariba Abedin”. Organized by Asia Society and Co-Presented by Museum of Fine Arts Houston the event was well attended by over 30 art enthusiasts on the 16th of December. 

Islamic art is well-known for its use of intricate geometric designs that are found on buildings, ceramics, and other artworks. Muslims inherited geometry from Greek scholars, and developed it further to create designs that are based on the relationships of points, lines, and angles. Measurements in nature often follow mathematical patterns as well, which inspired Muslim artists to explore these connections. 

Students explored the structure of geometry and its role in nature and science. Simple geometric shapes were developed into more complex designs inspired by the rich tradition of Islamic art. Participants completed their own design using paint on canvas and will learned about color theory.