A Dialogue through Art. Houston Public Library

The closing reception of the two month long Islamic Arts exhibition was held on the 28th of June and was well attended by art lovers. The thought provoking event was held at the Main Library in Houston, McKinney Street. Stephanie Mitchell Executive Director of the Lawndale Arts Center was the keynote speaker. Ms. Mitchell noted that the rich tapestry of Houston’s people and our activities provides infinite possibilities for the creation of stories, individual and collective. The Islamic Arts Society plays a vital role in both the creation of culture and the creation of narrative possibility through the celebration of Islam’s rich artistic heritage and the use of art as a means through which there can be mutual understanding and collective community.
The Islamic Arts Society aims to share the rich heritage of arts in Islam. The society organizes events to celebrate our culture and promote the positive image of our community among Muslims and non-Muslims. Art is a common language and binds diverse communities. By promoting Islamic arts we hope to promote mutual understanding and to bring the broader American community together