Flyer Live performance by Al-Firdaus Ensemble (3)

Al-Firdaus Ensemble 2024

Listen to a scintillating and soul-searching live performance by the world-famous Al-Firdaus ensemble. Our feature program is a celebration of music for the soul with the internationally acclaimed music group Al-Firdaus Ensemble. Their repertoire includes adaptations of poems written in Aljamiado, the Spanish language of the 16th-century Moors, written in Arabic. You won’t want to miss their moving performance.  

Al-Firdaus is a music group based in Granada and founded in 2012 by the English violinist and singer Ali Keeler, along with artists from Spain, Morocco, and Venezuela. Group members Mohammed Dominguez from Venezuela on percussion, Salma Vives from Spain playing the cello and lute, Abdesselam Naiti from Morocco playing kanun (strings) and ney (flute) and Ali Keeler, the ensemble’s founder from England playing the violin and singing vocals will entertain you for an unforgettable experience.

Join us for a celebration of Sufi music and Nasheeds during our main program on the evening of November 9th.
The program is brought to you in collaboration with the Risala Foundation.

Date: November 9th, 2024.
Time: 7.00 PM.
Location: Theater at the Student Center South, University of Houston. 4455 University Dr, Houston, TX 77204.

Tickets: $15 & $40 for VIP Tickets