Islamic Arts Society

Art for the Love of Muhammad (PBUH) 2022

Call for Art:

The Islamic Arts Society is inviting artists to submit pieces that shows their love and reverence for Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).



Love for prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is ubiquitous among Muslims. It is part of our Deen! That is why our first competition last year drew worldwide attention. Two hundred artists from over twenty-two countries and five continents took part in the 2021 competition. The enthusiasm for this project in the Muslim community was heartwarming.

We are back again this year and the competition starts on the 1st of January. Last date for submission of art is the 20th of February 2022. Muslim have a long tradition of extolling the virtues of our prophet with poems and prose, God himself praises the prophet in the Quran. This is the first competition of its kind that is using visual art as a form of praising our prophet. Sallal lahu aleyhe wa sallam.

The Islamic Arts society believes that the best approach for us to show reverence and devotion for our beloved prophet is for our art society to invite artists to create art which expresses our love for the prophet.

Possible Themes:

Figurative art depicting revered personalities in Islam are NOT allowed.

Who can enter the Competition?

Any artist anywhere in the world can submit up to two pieces of art created specifically to show our love for Muhammad (pbuh).

Artists under the age of 18 can also participate but must clearly indicate so on the form. These junior artists will not be eligible for the cash prize, instead they will be awarded a non-monitory first prize award.

Submission of art:

Fill the form below and upload 1-2 high resolution JPEG images of a piece of art. A brief description of the artwork (up to 50 words maximum) should accompany all entries.

There is no submission Fee.
All Works must be original, entirely the work of the Artist.
Each artist can submit up to a maximum of three art pieces.
IAS reserves the right to use entry photographs for purposes of publicity, documentation, and promotion.
The images of selected art pieces will be displayed at our website for the next 3 months.


Calligraphy, Painting, Drawing, Graphics, Paper Art, Mixed Media, Print Media, New Media, Photography, Sculpture, Henna, Ebru, Woodwork, Metal Work, Glass Work, Textiles, Ceramics. (Figurative art depicting revered personalities in Islam are NOT allowed.)

Submissions Open:

Date: January 1st, 2022

Submissions Deadline:

Date: February 20th 2022

Selection of winner:

All art pieces will be reviewed by a three-member selection committee of the Islamic Art society. All decisions are final.

Prize money:

The winner of the contest will receive $1000 as prize money from the Islamic arts Society.

Announcement of the Grand Winner:

Date: February 28th 2022 (Shab-e Meraj)