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Art For The Love Of Muhammad (PBUH) 2023.

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The Islamic Arts Society announced the winners of the 3rd “Art for The Love of Prophet Muhammed” (PBUH) contest. A first of its kind, the competition generated worldwide attention. A panel of three judges selected the winners based upon (1) Relevance to the theme of the competition (2) Creativity and originality of the idea (3) Effective use of standard elements of art (4) Artistic skill in the use of materials, colors (5) Professional and aesthetic quality, neatness, presentation.

Esteemed multi-media artist Mr. Amjad Alvi from Pakistan (who is the winner of our past two competitions) was the chief judge who advised the panel of judges. We present the winners of the competition here. Please join us in congratulating the winners.


Artist Name: Sema Yurtseven, Turkey.

Title of Artwork: Hilyei Sherif (The Noble Description)

Description: Hilya is a form of Ottoman art that describes the physical description of the Messenger of Allah – Prophet Muhammad. I am an illumination artist. The materials used are 22-carat gold, pigment-based ink. It is a combination of different techniques in traditional Turkish illumination art. These techniques are Tarama (shading), classical illumination, and Double Composition Technique (Airy or Negative). Hilye’s crescent part is made with Double Composition Technique that requires extraordinary brush control and motif anatomy. Black soot ink is used. Rose represents Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w.) in Ottoman culture. Tulip represents Allah. Rose and Tulip are made on gold-based background. This artwork represents motifs of Allah and his messenger Prophet Muhammad. The dimensions are 50 x 70 cm.


Artist Name: Haris Wasifi, India

Title of Artwork: Traditional Calligraphy   

Description: Qurani ayat khate thuluth jali script  اِنَّ اللّٰهَ وَمَلٰٓـئِكَتَهٗ يُصَلُّوۡنَ عَلَى النَّبِىِّ ؕ يٰۤـاَيُّهَا الَّذِيۡنَ اٰمَنُوۡا صَلُّوۡا عَلَيۡهِ وَسَلِّمُوۡا تَسۡلِيۡمًا‏ Allah and His angels bless the Prophet. Believers, invoke blessings and peace on him. And Durood Paak khat e Diwani script with golden color miniature paper art. Size:  30×38 inches


Artist Name: Usman Ghani. Pakistan

Title of Artwork: Shan-e-Rahmatul-lil Alameen

Description: Size of warq e muqahar: 24 by 30 inches. Calligraphy script “Sulus” Isme Muhammad (PBUH) has written with 23 carat Gold. verse of Quran: Wama arsalnaka illa rahmatul lil Alameen, Names of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in green ink and Naqashi work and zencerek pattern for decoration.


Artist Name: Syed Zameer Ul Hassan. Pakistan

Title of Artwork: Muhammad (the last of all prophets)

Description: I take a Quran verse No. 40 from the Surah e Ihzab Para No. 21-22 in which I used different types of calligraphic view which are given below

  1. I write the word MUHAMMAD 9 times in khatt e Suls
  2. I write the word AHMAD 9 times in khatt e Suls
  3. I write the word HAAMID 9 times in khatt e Suls
  4. I write the word MEHMOOD 9 times in khatt e Suls

The Theam of the painting (Khatum UN Nabeeyian) The Last Prophet

In the Main heading of the Painting (Muhammad) I use gold leaves and Qalam with acrylic watercolor)

I write the name and there (Sifted Name) of 25 Prophets of Allah mentioned in the Holly Quran in khate e naskh….         And the top (Muhammad ur Rasool Allah) in old kufic style.

I paint 4 different Aayat e Quran from Quran about Muhammad (SAW) starting with the word of (Waoo)

I write a totally different style of square Huliaya tun Nabi (SAW) in old kufic style in 8 lines.

I write the popular stanza in Arabic language 4 lines khate Suls (Bala gal ula be kamal le he…….)


Artist Name: Muhammad Ashraf Heera, Pakistan.

Title of Artwork: Imam ul Ambiya

Description: Eleven famous styles of traditional Arabic calligraphy, ink on ahar paper with Islamic ornamentation (Gauche Color & Pigment Gold).

1. I have written the name of Muhammad S.A.W in the most popular and traditional Islamic calligraphy Styles with the concept of 11 miracles of Muhammad S.A.W. The Styles are Sulus, Diwani, Diwani Jaly, Naskh, Riqa, Kufi Fatimi, Square Kufi, Hijazi Kufi, Qairwani Kufi, Pakistani Nastaliq, Irani Nastaliq and etc.

2. Although these Styles have Islamic backgrounds, they have been used as national Styles in different countries of the world. So, the main purpose of writing the name of Muhammad S.A.W in different styles is, He S.A.W is the prophet of the whole universe.

3. Khat e sulus is the most popular and difficult style of Islamic calligraphy so it’s on the top of this art piece. And the style of S.A.W in red is derived from the light of candles which spread Noor. He S.A.W sent to us as a Noor.

4. In the center of this art piece 5 sifati names of Muhammad S.A.W. in Kufi style depict the 4 Holy Books and 5th Sahifa descended by Allah Almighty.

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