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Art For The Love Of Muhammad (PBUH) 2024.

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The Islamic Arts Society announced the winners of the 4th “Art for The Love of Prophet Muhammed” (PBUH) contest. A first of its kind, the competition generated worldwide attention. A panel of judges selected the winners based upon (1) Relevance to the theme of the competition (2) Creativity and originality of the idea (3) Effective use of standard elements of art (4) Artistic skill in the use of materials, colors (5) Professional and aesthetic quality, neatness, presentation.

A panel of four judges from the Islamic Arts Society went over more than 400 submissions from all over the world to select the top twenty entries. Esteemed multi-media artist Mr. Amjad Alvi from Pakistan (who is the winner of our 2021 and 2022 competitions) was the chief judge who advised the panel of judges. We present the winners of the competition here. Please join us in congratulating the winners.


Artist Name: Haris Wasifi

Title of Artwork: The Illuminating lamp

Description: Quranic verses in the middle circle praising the Prophet “Indeed We have sent you as a witness and a bearer of good tidings for the believers and a warner, a caller to God by His permission and an illuminating lamp.”

99 names of Prophet on the border in Naskh script. Also, Durood on the border in Diwani and Thuluth script along with gold miniature tazheeb work.

Size: 37×27 inches.



Artist Name: Selcen Belgin Balıkçı

Title of Artwork:   Hilye-I Şerif

Description:  A bright and illuminating piece like the luminous character of the Prophet PBUH. This piece brings a soothing, refreshing feeling to the heart. The Hilye in Tuluth script is surrounded by the names of the four Caliphs and there is heavy illumination all around.



Artist Name: Mariyam Idrees Sandhu

Title of Artwork: Hilya Sharif.

Description: The Hilye: Prophet Muhammad PBUH. The artist has used classical illumination forms, using 24 carat gold and gouache paints. This refined, Sophisticated and elegant piece is a classic.

A very classical rendition of the Hilye using ink on muqahhar paper. Calligraphy in Naskh and Thuluth style with Turkish Halkar tezhib on the border.

A Hilya is a portrayal of the Prophet using Qur’anic verses and Hadith describing the Prophet Muhammad. These include a description of not only his blessed appearance, but also his beautiful character and merciful nature.


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