Asia Festival

The Islamic Arts Society took part in the AsiaFestival once again this year. The festival celebrated the vibrancy of Asia’s cultural traditions. Transformed into a four-day, social-distanced event over Spring Break, the outdoor festival highlighted different regions of Asia through performances, shopping, and activities unique to each day.

Performances on the festival lawn stage included Bharatanatyam classical dance, Indonesian gamelan music, traditional Chinese dances, and a Nowruz table-setting. Across the lawn, vendors sold everything from specialty teas to jewelry to food-inspired toys while artists shared techniques such as Ebru water marbling and Islamic calligraphy provided by Nihal Sonmez and Fahim Somani from the Islamic Arts Society. Guests of all ages enjoyed crafts such as Afghan-inspired kites, miniature zen gardens, bracelet-weaving, and more. Photo Credits “Asia Society Texas Center/Chris Dunn”