Exhibition of Islamic Arts

An exhibition of Islamic Arts was held at the Historic Fortbend County Courthouse in May. Fort Bend County Judge Honorable KP George presided over the event which was attended by faith leaders from the Muslim, Christian, Jewish, and Hindu communities.

The exhibition will be open during the last 10 days of Ramadan. The beautiful Islamic art will be available for all visitors to the courthouse to see, admire and learn.

The beautiful Islamic art was available for all visitors to the courthouse to see, admire and learn. Each day a new painting was unveiled to elaborate the beauty of Islamic Art and projected on social media.
Welcoming the local leaders the county Judge Honorable KP George emphasized that this program is part of the interfaith initiative from his office and in future, he continues to do these events and bring attention to the diversity of people living in the Fort Bend county.

President of the Islamic Arts Society Dr. Khawaja Azimuddin informed the visitors that Islamic art has been produced over the last 1400 years by Muslim and non-Muslim artists. “Calligraphy and interlacing arabesque or geometric patterns are the Hallmark of Islamic art. You will often notice there are no figures or humans in this art. You will see it as intricate repetitive vegetal or biomorphic patterns and you will find it almost everywhere around you in clothing, carpets, or decorations. There may be patterns inspired by Islamic arts even at your home and you may not have realized it”. He said.

Unlike African art or Baroque art which would be confined to one part of the world Islamic arts can be found from Spain to Indonesia and from China to South Africa. Islamic art is produced by artists from different parts of the world who are as diverse as imaginable.

And that is the diversity the Honorable judge is promoting through the show of Islamic art at the historic Fort Bend County Courthouse. It will bring awareness of the Islamic traditions to the local population and promote inclusiveness and tolerance.

And that is the goal of Islamic Society as well to bring people together from different backgrounds and help build bridges through art. In the last seven years, Islamic arts society has been very successful in bringing people together through our numerous art shows, classes, lectures, library programs, and the now famous Islamic Arts festival