Fariba Abedin

Iranian born, Fariba Abedin’s work explores geometric abstraction with an emphasis on color study where geometry and color become the subjects of her intriguing paintings.  Her carefully selected tints, shades and tones create the illusion of volume, space, and transparency.


Although Abedin’s work is geometric and structural, her concept of work is tender and appealing in its appreciation of the nature and science, Color and geometry.  She also conveys a message of love and peace through her work.


She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture from Massachusetts College of Art and a Master of Science in Education from Connecticut State University.


She lives and works in Houston and has exhibited and given workshops, at The Museum of Geometric and MADI Art in Dallas, Pear Fincher Museum, Dallas Museum of Art, Irving Art Center, Plano Art Association, and the Asia Society, Lawndale Art Center, Jung Center, Bank of America Center, the City Hall, in Houston.  She is commissioned a public sculpture for the City of Houston to be installed in March, 2018.  She exhibits in her studio at the Silver Street Studios, #303.


“Fariba Abedin’s paintings dissect light into its prismatic components. She then re-configures these component colors into sometimes large-scale compositions. Reminiscent of early Bauhaus concepts, especially ideas by Johannes Itten in his book “The Art of Color”, Abedin goes beyond the original Bauhaus premises and articulates novel geometric color fields of her own provenance.”  By; Volker Eisele


Fariba Abedin