Fatema Josh

Fatema Josh is from Malaysia, born and raised in a suburb of Kuala Lumpur. She has been living in the United States for the past 16 years. Previously lived in Rochester NY, she now calls Houston, home. She has obtained a formal education in Arts and Graphic Design and is a determined explorer of all things creative since very young. She has lived in various countries throughout her life and loves capturing what she learns through her travels in the form of artistic expressions and creative esthetics. She is also committed in the lifelong journey of learning and experimenting with the arts. 


Although she is largely an abstract impressionistic painter, who enjoys capturing her inspirations through acrylic painting on canvases and other surfaces, she has a special inclination towards Islamic Arts from the Fatimid Heritage. She humbly aims to reflect and capture some the essence of the Fatimid Heritage through her architectural paintings and personalized Kufic expressions, hence her works in this collection is largely representational. The artist also paints contemporary and cultural values from the Islamic world at large in her own genre. Her work involves a bold expression of color with a combination of classic and is unique in style.


Besides creating original works of fine art, she conducts classes and personalized painting parties for kids and adults. 


More about the Artist and her works can be viewed at www.fatemajosh.com


For commissions and further inquiries, please contact the artist.