Houston Public Library Summer Programs

The Islamic Arts Society has been invited to present summer art programs in various libraries across Harris County.

Showcase display at Tullis and Kingwood by Aneela Zulfiqar:
Alhamdullilah during the months of June and July, the Islamic Arts Society is showcasing their intricate display of various Islamic Art pieces at Tullis and Kingwood libraries. Showcasing the the intricate beauty of Islamic art, the library display case was filled with a mesmerizing array of geometric patterns, exquisite calligraphy, and timeless masterpieces. From locals to library regulars passed the exhibition, where they found themselves drawn to the rich art of Islamic artistic traditions, sparking conversations and creating connections across many diverse cultures.

Henna Workshop at Tullis by Mishal Ali and Zaynab Syed:
The Tullis Library held a captivating Henna workshop, hosted by the Islamic Arts Society on June 6th. A large crowd consisting of locals and library attendees showed up to participate in the traditional art form. Led by Henna artists Mishal Ali and Zaynab Syed, attendees were treated to a display of intricate henna designs that showcased the rich heritage and cultural significance of Islamic art. Participants actively engaged in hands-on learning, led by the Henna artists. The Islamic Arts Society and Artists were appreciated and had a great time showing the importance and beauty of Islamic Arts.

Henna Workshop at Moody Neighborhood Library by Mishal Ali and Zaynab Syed:
The Islamic Arts Society held another Henna workshop arranged by Houston Public Library at Moody Neighborhood Library on June 13th. A modest crowd showed up to their first Henna Program which they truly enjoyed hosted by the Islamic Arts Society. This workshop was held by our very own Henna artists Mishal Ali and Zaynab Syed. Attendees were not only treated to a display of intricate henna designs but also had these designs drawn on them by our Henna artists. Participants learned the rich culture of the Islamic world and the importance of its art. Attendees were mesmerized by the intricate designs, professionalism, and interactions with our artists and displays.