Islamic Arts Society Gala 2023

The Islamic Arts Society Gala 2023 brought together people of diverse backgrounds for an evening of art and artistry at the Westin Memorial City on the 6th of August 2023. Over 600 people from different faiths, ethnicities, and backgrounds, packed the ballroom and marveled at the fantastic pieces of Islamic art.

These included a Heritage collection of rare Qurans and historical Alams from the collection of the Mumtaz & Sada Cumber Foundation. Also on display were sacred relics from the Prophet’s (PBUH) tomb and the Kiswa of the Holy Kaaba through the courtesy of our patron Mr. Muhammad Hussain.

The exhibition titled “Islamic Art: A Journey through Time and Contemporary Expression” was curated by our Board Member Fahim Somani for the delight of the audience. A captivating exhibition that transcends centuries to showcase the beauty and diversity of Islamic art. This exhibition focused on the evolution of Islamic art from its 10th-century origins to the dynamic expressions of contemporary artists today.

The Gala attendees included artists, art lovers, influencers, thought leaders, State and City officials, elected representatives, and civic and religious leaders from across Houston. People of all faiths, denominations, and ethnicities filled the ballroom and enjoyed art, friendship, and camaraderie.

The Gala fulfills our mission of bringing people of all faiths and backgrounds together and celebrates our mission of building bridges through the beauty of Islamic Art.