Maria Faraz

Maria Aimen Faraz is a Houston based artist. She was born in Michigan, and raised in Texas. Maria produces abstract paintings and creates floral pieces, using vibrant colors and her signature touch of gold. Maria is also a self taught henna artist, and decided to take the detailed and intricate henna designs to canvas, after doing henna as a body art for years. Maria is able to freehand traditional Arabic and Pakistani designs that look both fresh, and exotic at the same time, creating henna designs that are different from most. She strives to marry the traditional Islamic art with contemporary style. She loves the look of abstract art, and enhances it with Islamic quotes. By using verses from the Holy Quran, and Hadiths, Maria hopes to be able to beautify the modern Muslim home. Maria wants her art to have a spiritual feel, to lift a person’s mood, and to have a real impact in peoples’ lives, by donating a portion of proceeds to Islamic and humanitarian charitable causes, such as Islamic Relief USA.


Marias work can be viewed on and