Meador Library Calligraphy Workshop

IAS artist Sana Mirza taught an intimate group at the Meador Branch library all the way in Montgomery county. The students showed keen interest in the Arabic alphabet as they first guessed what letters went in their name. And while comparing it to the English spelling system, they discovered many similarities but differences too.

The 1 hour class was topped off with a power point presentation on the different tools and styles used and the basic knowledge of calligraphy which serves as a form of creative expression.

They had fun trying out their hand with the traditional ‘kalam’ bamboo pen and ink as well as a much easier feel with the copic markers.

The traveling librarian Shelly Lynn shared her views of language, creativity, and art. The short workshop served as an overall inspiring afternoon of opening our minds to the world of Arabic calligraphy and personalizing it with their individual names.