Mohammad Nadeem Farooq

Inspired by his father’s pencil sketches and detailed wood carvings, Nadeem learned to appreciate different art forms at an early age. He discovered his own flair for art during his early school years and was actively involved in art projects through high school. Born in Pakistan, he came to the US to study and pursue a career in engineering. By profession, he is an IT consultant with many years of experience. He engages his free time with his passion for painting on stretched canvas mostly with acrylics and sometimes oil. Many of his paintings begin with sketches in notebooks, envelopes, even receipts as he tries to capture his brainstorm on paper before the image is lost. His work displays his unique freestyle perception of calligraphy. Dabbling between contemporary and abstract backgrounds make the Arabic calligraphy and Quranic verses stand out. Some of his popular paintings showcase his admiration for symmetry and detail such as “The 99 Attributes of Allah”. Yet others exhibit Quranic symbolism in our world such as “Rabbul Maghribayn wa Rabbul Mashriqayn” (Lord of the 2 Wests and Lord of the 2 Easts). He also enjoys painting landscapes and abstracts.

He moved to Houston 10 years ago and was excited to fill his new home with his own artwork. He has displayed his work in the first and third Islamic Arts Festivals and he always looks forward to sharing his passion with everyone!

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