Nizar MacNojia

Nizar Macnojia was born in India 1964. His interest in art was sparked at a very early age. In fact, he was only nine years old when he sketched H. H. The Aga Khan lll, and entered his first art competition when he was ten. After graduating from college, he worked as a graphic designer at Asiatic Advertising in Karachi where he was introduced to watercolor, oil paint, and palette knife techniques by friends who were artists in attendance at the Fine Art Institute in Karachi.

In 1983, he held his first exhibition in Karachi. Since then, he has created many commissioned art works in all different sizes for commercial and home use. In 1984, Nizar immigrated to US where he now resides in Houston, Texas.

He currently concentrates on Islamic art, calligraphy, portraits in oil, and watercolor.

You can find his work at