Mixed Media Artist


Parvina Ali was born and raised in a big family, in beautiful city Baku, Azerbaijan. Since her early years of high school, she has passionate about Art. She also has a strong artistic heritage.

She held her first small exhibit in 2003 in Baku, Azerbaijan. She had presented her early art pieces and won several prizes for her successful works.

She has traveled and lived in countries like London, Scotland, Turkey and she speaks four languages, Azeri, Turkish, Russian, English. In 2008 she moved to Texas with her family. Since then she has had several successful presentations and art shows. Her Art has been strongly inspired by mixture of her European and Middle East cultures and ancient patterns around the World (Aztec, Aboriginal, Slovak, Persian, Warli, Damask, Inca)

She uses different techniques of the Mixed Media Art, like assemblage of 3-dimensional sculptural forms, clay pieces,  barelief  or dry flowers in unique ways. In her artworks she is Rearranging pre-existing elements, such as paper cuts, broken ceramic pieces, glasses, marbles, sand and she also  uses a combination (or mix) of media, such as acrylics, oils, crayons, pencils, ink etc. Mixed media is a very fun and creative way to express her colorful nature. 

She has been passionately and enthusiastically teaching and volunteering Art Classes for children, adults and seniors in different schools and organizations.

Currently, she has established and runs her own private Mixed Media Creative Art Classes for children and adults.