For Arts Festival

Artists Registration for the Islamic Arts Festival 2019 is NOW CLOSED (DO NOT USE THIS FORM)

Please fill out the form below to register for the 6th annual Arts Festival. 

By submitting this form I acknowledge that I understand that:

  •   Participation is limited to artists residing in United States of America and Canada.
  •   The registration fee paid is non-refundable and does not guarantee my participation in  the festival.
  •   I am personally responsible for the originality and quality of the artwork I will submit for the Islamic Arts Festival.
  •  The art I submit should conform to the definition of “Islamic Arts” as defined by the Islamic Arts Society. The Islamic Arts Society retains the sole right to reject an entry.
  •   A large percentage (about 60%) of the art I submit for the festival will be new and have not been displayed is a previous Islamic Arts Festival.
  •   I will reimburse 20% of all proceeds generated from the sales of my art during the Festival to Islamic Arts Society within 15 days of the festival.
  •   I authorize any art work I display to be photographed and videotaped. IAS reserves the right to use my work for publicity and marketing purposes.
  •  I take full responsibility for insuring my art for the exhibition period. I absolve IAS of any responsibility for damage or loss of art resulting from unexpected circumstance.
  •   I will follow all deadlines and instructions given by Islamic Arts Society. Otherwise I will forfeit all rights to participate in the Festival.

Emerging Artists

IAS encourages non-professional, emerging artists to apply for Arts Festival registration.  Emerging artists that display less than 5 art pieces will not have to pay the $35 registration fee.  Please indicate in the MESSAGE section if you are an emerging artist.

Definition of Islamic Arts

Islamic art encompasses the visual arts influenced by Islam and the Muslim world. It reflects the beliefs, culture and traditions of Islam. This could be religious or non-religious calligraphy, Arabesque, geometric, architectural or landscapes connected with Islamic world. Modern, traditional and most mediums are welcome. General landscape, still life, sculpture and portraits are not considered Islamic arts by the Islamic Arts Society.

Registration Fee

The registration fee for the Islamic Arts Festival is $35.  This fee is waived under the following conditions:

  •   If you are a member of the Islamic Arts Society.  You can join IAS by filling out this form
  •  If you are an Emerging artist as described above

Please pay the registration fee using the Donate button at the top of this page, either before or immediately after submitting the form.

Juried Art

Only art work approved by IAS Jurors will be displayed during the event. IAS jurors reserve the right to select or reject art work based on predetermined criteria.

IAS reserves the right to reject any painting that upon arrival, the juror believes is sufficiently different or altered from the original submission.