My name is Salwa Medani and I’m the owner of Lines of Gold. My business idea was born as a result of an exhibition in which I participated. A group of Muslim artists and I were invited to showcase our art at the Loudon County Government Center in Virginia at the “Bridges of Faith and Tradition” art show in 2016. During that event, I noticed how similar we as a group of Muslim artists were to each other even with our different cultures, languages, experiences etc. Not only that, the non-Muslim visitors shared the love of art and appreciation of its beauty and uniqueness. Art was the tool that brought us all together in the same space, with our differences and similarities, and that felt remarkable.

That realization led me to establish Lines of Gold, to allow me to share this beautiful art form from the Islamic world with those who appreciate the diversity of cultures and who are keen on coming together through our shared humanity.

My art is focused on tezhip which is also known as illumination or arabesque. I also work with ebru or water marbling, an art that traveled from the Far East to Turkey. My art products include art pieces as well as jewelry inspired by both art forms.

You can find my work at: