Samar Babar

Born and raised in the U.S., Samar Babar is a mixed media artist whose work encompasses Arabic calligraphy and fashion illustration with an occasional blending of the two genres. Samar has had an affinity for the arts and creating since she was a child. She works with a variety of mediums including but not limited to gouache, acrylics, oils, thread, metal leaf and wood, as she is fascinated by texture, and experimentation with different mediums. Her most recent Islamic art encompasses wood burning, and hand embroidery. In addition to creating her own art, Samarhas an affinity for teaching and sharing her love of art with others.

Samar has exhibited her work across the country where her work has been purchased and commissioned throughout. Her most recent endeavors include: collaborating on a public arts initiative by the River Oaks Islamic Center in Houston; and partnering with the non-profit organization Ghana Think Tank and The University of Houston Mitchell Center for the Arts for their annual CounterCurrent festival. Samarconducted an Intro To Islamic Arts wood-burning workshop as part of the CounterCurrent17 closing events, which was held at moving installation called The Mobile Mosque.

Samar believes art is an incredible tool for healing and connection, and hopes her work spreads a message of positivity and beauty.

You can see more of her work at: