Sanam Nadeem

My name is Sanam Almas Nadeem. I was born in Karachi, Pakistan on August 6th, and I believe that year is just an irrelevant number.

I used to sketch my friends and family members for fun but then people advised me to take it up seriously. When I was 5, I did my first sketch – my father’s. Everybody encouraged me so I continued and also developed interest in other expressions of art like hand craft, henna designs, landscapes, seascapes and wild life.

I did my elementary schooling from Karachi Academy. I graduated from Khatoon-e-Pakistan, Karachi. Afterwards, I did my L.L.B from S.M Law College in 2001. I am a member of Karachi Bar Council. My father, brother and so many members of my extended family also belong to the profession of law.

While getting formal education, I continued sketching and some painting. In order to give a professional touch to my passion, I took admission in Mashkoor School of Arts and I did courses in Oil Painting, Glass Painting, Collage and Sketching. My favorite subjects are calligraphy, landscapes, and abstract art. These days I work more on oil and acrylic. I don’t repeat any of my paintings.

My paintings were showcased in University of Texas, Round Rock, TX. My calligraphic paintings have also been auctioned to raise funds in various Mosques and Islamic Centers.

You can find my work on my Facebook page at Creative Arts by Sanam.