Syed Ahmed Shah (Ghazali)

Syed Ahmed Shah is an artist, poet, writer, traveler, a member of a non-profit organization, and a member of IAS in Houston. He is from Hazrat Pir Baba’s family and he was born in 1956 in Pakistan. He has been married with Zartasha Shah for 31 years and they have three children and their names are Sarosh, Nawal, and Mohammad. He visited Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Egypt, India, Thailand, and he also visited France, England, and the United States with his family. He recites his poetry at The Consulate of Pakistan in Houston, Pakistan Center in Houston, and the other places of Houston. He publishes his works in Houston. He learned about art at the Government Degree College Karachi, Pakistan. He used his skills in Jeddah and made metal lanterns and lamps for Egyptians, Germans, Arabians, and installed two sculptures at the Sea Shore of Jeddah. He exhibited his artworks at the Pakistan Center in 2015 and 2016. In 2017, he exhibited his artworks at the City Hall of Houston, Fourth IAS Festival, and at the Consulate of Pakistan with Zartasha Shah in Houston, Texas.