Syed Fakhri

Syed Fakhri is a calligraphy artist who is originally from India and was raised in Saudi Arabia, where he learned Arabic. The Arabic script has always fascinated him and became his hobby over time. His love grew more after learning the Naskh and Ruq’a scripts in middle school. He further enhanced his calligraphy skills by teaching himself the Thuluth and Muaqqaq scripts along with developing his own contemporary modern scripts.

Syed holds a deep fascination in the profound meaning, richness and rhythm of Quranic verses and Islamic supplications. He incorporates his love for Islam and calligraphy into representing various verses and supplications using Arabic calligraphy scripts in a variety of forms to further enhance the message each contains. This is a hobby that he applies towards various art forms/mediums, such as parchment, canvas, murals, and callligraffiti. Islamic art is a tradition that dates back centuries, and Syed hopes to continue this tradition.