Zohra Siddiqui

Kaneez Zohra Siddiqui is a self-taught Henna artist , who expanded her henna body art into Henna Islamic Calligraphy Art.

Her artwork can range from traditional henna-inspired art to contemporary, abstract, and more.  She was raised in Houston, and always felt more passionate about the art of henna than what meets the eye.

Her dedication to the medium goes beyond the traditional boundaries.  She uses henna as the main form of media in her art work, along with other forms of mixed media to create unique art pieces.  She can enhance almost anything with henna.

She has the flexibility of manipulating the henna powder into many different forms to create different textures.  She is always up for a challenge, eager to create the most extravagant piece of art you ever imagined!

When she is not busy with her art projects, she is a full-time mom, wife, business owner of “Hooked on Henna”, makeup artist, and a licensed geriatric wound-care nurse.