Salaat Al Kusoof (Eclipse Prayer) Reminder

WHEN: Monday, Aug 21st, after Zuhr prayer ~ 2:00 pm, followed by a short khutbah. If you are not able to attend the salat at the masjid, please refer to this short talk from Shaykh Waleed Basyouni about the sunnah of doing Salaat Al Kusoof, and some details about the event.

Hajj Essential Medicine Kit

Doctor recommended list for anyone going on the sacred pilgrimage: Pain reliever /  fever reducer: Motrin, Aleve, or Tylenol Upset stomach / diarrhea: Imodium Cough drops Vitamin C, start 1000 mg twice a day 1 week before travel Petroleum Jelly to put on feet and thighs Electrolyte tablets: http://www.cvs.com/shop/household-grocery/beverages/juices/cvs-health-adult-electrolyte-orange-mix-8ct-prodid-1120439 https://www.walgreens.com/store/c/thermotabs-salt-supplement-buffered-tablets/ID=prod6146001-product https://www.walmart.com/ip/Nuun-Active-Hydration-Tablets-Original-Mixed-Pack-Box-of-4-Tubes/175244647 Face mask or surgical …

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Family BBQ

WHEN: Friday, Aug 11th, from 5 to 8:30 PM WHERE: Masjid AlSalam Gym and Foyer FOOD FROM: Gabriel’s BBQ Food Truck GUEST SPEAKER: Usman Fawad (lecture title: Preserving Our Identity as Muslims) PROGRAM: 5 to 7 PM: Family fun and games 7 to 7:45 PM: Lecture 7:45 to 8:30 PM: Dinner INDOOR ACTIVITIES: Basketball Badminton Ping Pong …

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ISGH Executive Director Position Available

Assalamu Alaykum, ISGH is looking to fill the role of the Executive Director as soon as possible.  Please review the job description shown here and contact the main center to apply if interested.  Contact information is available on the ISGH website.

CubScouts Registration Coming Up in August

Please stay tuned for the specific dates and times for registration.  They will be a separate announcement here as well as on the Facebook feed, available from the Scouting page of this website. Here are a few images from recent events the cub scouts participated in. [metaslider id=3378]

Construction Progress Update for Bathrooms

Assalamu Alaykum Dear Community Members, Alhumdulillah the first phase of the bathroom construction project has completed.  This phase included the build out of the following: Men’s wudu area Men’s bathrooms (toilets, and shower areas) Women’s wudu area. Here are some pictures from the newly constructed areas. [metaslider id=3343] The second phase has now started, which …

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Operation Backpack

This is a School Supply Drive for local families in need. Donation of Backpacks filled with the designated supplies as well as cash donations ($20 buys one backpack filled with supplies) Drop off boxes are available at the masjid. Accepted Until Tuesday, Aug 8th Jr. High/High School Supplies include: 1 Pack Blue or Black Ball …

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