A Message from the ISGH Election Commission

As Salaam Alaikum.

The 2017 ISGH Election cycle has officially begun, and the Election Commission would like to encourage voting members to exercise their rights and responsibilities in choosing leaders for our community.

The Election Commission (EC) operates independently of any elected official, employee or committee at ISGH. Our purpose is to ensure a fair and valid election.

In an effort to keep everyone informed, we have taken several steps to communicate with all members, including this e-mail announcement. In addition, we have posted important information including rules,
nomination forms and important dates on our web-site at www.isgh.org/elections and our Facebook page at www.fb.com/isghelections. Please note that all official updates will be posted on both the web-site and Facebook page.
We encourage you to visit the website often as that is the only means for EC to get information out to general membership.

Also, since all ISGH members may not have provided email addresses to the ISGH office, we encourage leaders of ISGH and members to share this information widely.

We are aware of ongoing issues with the membership list and strongly suggest all members check their membership status at http://isghmembership.us/mv/Members.html. We want to assure you that EC will make every effort to safeguard the rights of every ISGH member.
The EC is diligently working to get the corrected membership data to determine zip groups.  We are also working to create a system that will address any other pending issues regarding missing names, wrong assignments, etc.  All such information will be posted on the
above mentioned website and Facebook page. Hence it is important that you all visit that website and page often.

As a reminder, the deadline to nominate a candidate is this Sunday, October 22nd at noon. Download forms to complete or nominate a candidate directly online.

We look forward to the community engaging in positive and spiritually uplifting discussions and holding an election with the utmost integrity, Insha’Allah.

May Allah-SWT continue to purify our hearts and guide our community to goodness. Ameen.


The Election Commission of ISGH
Rashid Khokhar, Chair
Saifullah Usmani
Shazia Ashraf