Ramadan Quran Competition – Photo Album Added


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Saturday, June 17th, 12 PM until Asr

Led by Br. Zabidi Yusoff.

It is time for the annual Quran Memorization Competition at the masjid!

The deadline to register is on Tuesday, June 13th.  To sign up, please either fill out the sign up sheets posted on the wall at the masjid – or sign up online at this link.

The categories for competition are as follows:

1. Age up to 4 years old: 10 Surahs – #105 (Al-Feel), 106 (Quraish), 107 (Al-Ma’oon), 108 (Al-Kauthar), 109 (Al-Kafiroon), 110 (An-Nasr), 111 (Al-Masadd), 112 (Al-Ikhlas), 113 (Al-Falaq) and 114 (An-Naas)

2. Ages 5 to 7 years old: 8 Surahs – #93 (Ad-Dhuha), 94 (Al-Inshirah), 95 (At-Teen), 96 (Al-Alaq), 97 (Al-Qadr), 98 (Al-Bayyinah), 99 (Al-Zalzalah), 100 (Al-Adiyat)

3. Ages 8 to 10 years old: 7 Surahs – #86 (At-Toriq), 87 (Al-A’laa), 88 (Al-Ghashiyah), 89 (Al-Fajr), 90 (Al-Balad), 91 (Ash-Shams) and 92 (Al-Layl)

4. Ages 11 to 13 years old: 3 Surahs – #67 (Al-Mulk), 68 (Al-Qalam), and 89 (Al-Haaqqah)

5. Ages 14 to 18 years old: 3 Surahs – #55 (Ar-Rahman), 56 (Al-Waaqi’ah), and 53 (An-Najm)

6. Adults: 3 Surahs – #32 (As-Sajdah), 36 (Yaseen), 18 (Al-Kahf)

Note: For categories 1 through 6, the participant will be asked to randomly pick one of the Surahs assigned to their category by picking out a piece of folded paper in front of the judges prior to reciting on the competition day.

Huffaz students are not eligible for the above categories and only eligible for categories 7 and 8 below. Qualification will be vetted by the imams and judges.

7. Huffaz: 1 Juzu’: memorized minimum 1 Juzu’
8. Huffaz: 3 Juzu’: memorized minimum 3 Juzu’

Note: For categories 7 and 8, participants will be asked by the judges as to which Juzu’ he/she has memorized. The participant will then continue to recite the verse recited by each judge, and the judge will indicate where to stop.

Surahs assignments were picked and vetted by Imam Sheikh Ansar Farooqi, Sheikh Mamdouh and Sheikh Delaware.

Quran memorization will be judged by a panel of Judges that consists of Sheikh Ansar Farooqui, Sheikh Mamdouh, Sheikh Delaware, Br Abdul Manan and other Imams.  There will be two shifts with three Judges per shift.


1st Place $50
2nd Place $30
3rd Place $20

Every participant will receive an eid token of $5