Zakat Appeal

Assalamualaikum Dear Community Members,

Your Zakat funds are used to support over 30 eligible families of this community (400 families are supported monthly through the central ISGH Zakat system). These families are assisted throughout the year and include widows, single mothers, the elderly and sick.

Remember, charity begins at home.  It is Sunnah to give our zakat dues to eligible Muslims within the community that we live in.  So please give as much of your zakat dues as you can at Masjid Al Salam.

Please make your checks payable to ISGH and indicate Zakat in the memo. Checks and/or cash should be dropped in the Zakat slot.  Alternatively, you may donate through the Masjid website or by clicking the “Donate” button found in the weekly newsletter.  Please ensure you specify “Zakat” in the comments field in the PayPal donation page.

Jazakum Allah Khairun,
Zakat & Sadaqa Committee, Masjid Al Salam