Basketball Developmental League

The Champions Athletics Program (CAP) presents:

The Developmental Basketball League

Here are the details of what we plan to offer this league.
  1. First game for elementary with a visiting team on Wednesday September 27th
  2. Practice every Wednesday 45 mins to one hour for each group
  3. Scrimmage every Sunday
  4. At least two games with an outside teams for  elementary and middle school.
  5. One Internal Masjid tournament of three to four teams. One for middle school one for elementary team.
  6. League fees are $65
  7. One weekend for Alodia tournament for selected group (extra charge of $25 per kid, minimum ten per team)
    1. Sunday timing 2:15 pm elementary, 3 pm middle school
    2. Wednesday timings 6:30 pm elementary, and 7:30 pm middle/high School.
Please pay at the Masjid Kiosk, or contact Br. Imran Moton at basketball@localhost for payment details.