Real Estate Workshop

The Real Estate Workshop at Masjid AlSalam will showcase representatives from the following professions.

  1. Realtors
  2. Mortgage Companies (Islamic financing)
  3. Builders
  4. Insurances
  5. Title Companies
  6. House Warranties
  7. Remodelers
  8. Roofers
  9. Plumbers
  10. Electricians/ HVAC

Each representative or company is invited to reserve a table where they can showcase their products(s) and interact with the public to make their presentations.  Use the form given below to submit your application.  

Deadline for submitting this application is October 16th!  

Workshop will be held on Nov 4th, from 2:30 to 4:30 PM at the Multi-Purpose Hall (Gym) at Masjid AlSalam.

Please note that a donation of $50 to the mosque is requested for reserving a table for this workshop.  Please use the PayPal link shown below the form to donate $50 AFTER you have been contacted by the administration informing you that your application has been approved.

For questions, please contact Mufutau Adewunmi at