ISGH EC 2017 Announcement: Early Balloting Restrictions

From: ISGH Election Commission 2017
To: All ISGH Members
Date: 22 November 2017

The ISGH Elections 2017 are being held during the month of December. Early Balloting is on Sunday 03 December and the General Election day is Sunday 10 December. On the General Election day, all balloting will be conducted at the ISGH Main Center. However, the Early Balloting will take place at 12 different Islamic Centers. Eligible Voting members will be able to go to anyone of these 12 ICs to cast their vote. Please remember to bring along official photo ID. A photo ID with address is a MUST in order to cast vote. Balloting will be done at all these centers electronically.

With 12 voting centers, EC will not have ability to properly deal with issues related to missing and/or wrong names and/or wrong zip, center, or zone assignments. Thus, EC will be STRICTLY following the membership data provided by ISGH on as is basis. There will be NO POSSIBILITY to make any additions and/or alterations.

EC encourages you to checkup and make sure that, (1) you are indeed an Eligible Voting member in that your name exists in the ISGH 2017 Voting Member’s List, and (2) that you are assigned to the proper zip, center, zone. NO EXCEPTION. You may checkup your name and zip/center/zone assignments by visiting the official ISGH website (at

If you find your name but any of the zip, center, or zone assignment is wrong, then you can opt to still got to an Early Balloting site and vote according to your status as it is in the ISGH database. No changes can be made. In some situations, a wrong zip/center/zone assignment may have no affect; because there is, for example, no Area Rep elections or no AD election, etc. Choice is totally yours.

If on the other hand you opt to prove to the EC that ISGH has erroneously placed you in wrong zip/center/zone then you must wait till the General Election day and come to the Main Center. You must bring along SUFFICIENT PROOF to state your case that you had provided the correct information yet ISGH had made an error. You should bring along proves like utility bills (at least two) as a proof.

If you find out that your name is not in the list but IT SHOULD BE you should then come to the ISGH Main Center on the General Election day. Please bring along proof positive to show to EC that you actually have paid the dues and your name got left out.

Proof could be in the form of:

  1. for a one-time membership fee, a cancelled check with proper dates on front and back,
  2. for CheckoMatic members, bank statements showing ongoing payments,
  3. for Credit Card payments, the receipt and/or statement clearly showing dates and payee.

Also, if you come to ISGH Main Center on the General Election Day to resolve an issue, please bring along a lot of PATIENCE! While EC will make every effort, humanly possible, to make the whole process painless you can well imagine that all of this work will be done manually. And, depending on how many of our respected members find issues with their membership status and assignments, you may have to wait a bit longer than you would otherwise for voting.

***** End of ISGH EC 2017 Announcement******